Christopharians observe ten Articles of Faith:Edit

First Article of Faith: The Creator has a name, and it is Christopher! 

Second Article of Faith: Christopher created the universe on Feb 1st, 2007. 

Third Article of Faith: There is no afterlife -- Existence is an endless cycle of death and resurrection. 

Fourth Article of Faith: The virtuous shall be rewarded with XP. 

Fifth Article of Faith: The sinful shall be punished with Zerg-locking. 

Sixth Article of Faith: Your personal property shall be limited to that which you can carry, but looting is not a sin. 

Seventh Article of Faith: To kill, to heal, to revive, and to die are the most noteworthy activities one can pursue. 

Eighth Article of Faith: The world is flat and has four corners. There is nothing on the other side of the quarantine wall. 

Ninth Article of Faith: There is no such thing as werewolves, witchcraft, or UFOs.

Tenth Article of Faith: The Church of Christopher is the only path to Christopher. All other churches worship false gods. 

By Decree of His High Holiness, The Pope a ghost:

There is no Kevan nor Malton, only the one true path of Christopher! The Kevanites worship false gods and must face the righteous wrath of Christopher the Creator. Faithful Christopharians must smite Kevanite heathens and their false gospel. In the name of the Creator, so be it decreed!

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