This page contains features that are no longer in Hell Rising.
These features were in past versions of the game and has since been removed.
McMullen Street Intersection (31,21) Grouselle Museum Building (32,21) a Lazarix Building Building (33,21) North Square Police Department Building (34,21) The Salmon Building Big (35,21) Stonehand Boulevard Intersection (36,21) a Mosque Building (37,21) Oak Leaf Park Park (38,21) Stop n' Sit Restaurant Building (39,21) Orange Bird Lane Intersection (40,21)
The Tarot Club Building (31,22) The Creape Building Big (32,22) a Wasteland Waste (33,22) Shaw Street Intersection (34,22) Dubois Supermarket School1 (35,22) Dubois Supermarket School2 (36,22) Hawthorpe Bank Building (37,22) Bagger Street Intersection (38,22) The Smoker Club Building (39,22) Cherry's Gun Shop Building (40,22)
Lincher Lane Intersection (31,23) Orangewood Funeral Home Building (32,23) Silent Hills Cemetery Cemetery (33,23) Silent Hills Cemetery Cemetery (34,23) a Parking Lot Parking (35,23) Fish Shack Restaurant Building (36,23) Glory Pointe Hospital Big (37,23) Walbert's Formal Wear Building (38,23) Preskette Boulevard Intersection (39,23) Haney's Auto Shop Building (40,23)
Fast Eddy's Electronics Building (31,24) Brighton Avenue Intersection (32,24) Meldrick's Computer Repair Building (33,24) a Gas Station Gas (34,24) Trapp Hotel Big (35,24) Muse Road Intersection (36,24) Colleen Street Intersection (37,24) a Lazarix Building Building (38,24) The Darwin Building Big (39,24) a Wasteland Waste (40,24)
a Gas Station Gas (31,25) Feat Street Intersection (32,25) Hopplin Theatre Building (33,25) Prushy Lane Intersection (34,25) a Wasteland Waste (35,25) St. Patrick Hospital Big (36,25) The Blackstrap Building Big (37,25) a Gas Station Gas (38,25) Sandwich Street Intersection (39,25) Copper Falls Electronics Building (40,25)
a Junkyard Junk (31,26) Jarvis' Bar Building (32,26) a Wasteland Waste (33,26) Simple Street Intersection (34,26) McGraw Library Building (35,26) Twilight Stadium Locker Room Stadium4 (36,26) Twilight Stadium Skybox Stadium5 (37,26) Twilight Stadium Locker Room Stadium6 (38,26) Yaetum Boulevard Intersection (39,26) Heiser Library Building (40,26)
Kitko Creek Lane Intersection (31,27) a Work Site Work (32,27) Captain Dennis' Restaurant Building (33,27) Clutterman's Hardware Building (34,27) Fuelly Street Intersection (35,27) Twilight Stadium Storeroom Stadium3 (36,27) Twilight Stadium Field Fieldbg (37,27) Twilight Stadium Guard Center Stadium7 (38,27) Groathaus Bank Building (39,27) Littletate Salon Building (40,27)
Calloway Library Building (31,28) Old Crescent Park Park (32,28) The Pedro Building Big (33,28) Nancy's Bakery Building (34,28) The Motor Club Building (35,28) Twilight Stadium Gift Shop Stadium2 (36,28) Twilight Stadium Gates Stadium1 (37,28) Twilight Stadium Concessions Stadium8 (38,28) Bulleywood Fire Department Building (39,28) Old Grey Road Intersection (40,28)
a Junkyard Junk (31,29) Duane D's Gun Shop Building (32,29) a Parking Lot Parking (33,29) Wagoneer Lane Intersection (34,29) Kenny's Sporting Goods Building (35,29) a Parking Lot Parking (36,29) Claskey Clothing Store Building (37,29) a Parking Lot Parking (38,29) Yellow Toad Bar Building (39,29) Tobey Hill Park Park (40,29)
a Wasteland Waste (31,30) Bunion's Supermarket School1 (32,30) Bunion's Supermarket School2 (33,30) a Junkyard Junk (34,30) Woody's Steakhouse Restaurant Building (35,30) a Gas Station Gas (36,30) Penny Lane Intersection (37,30) The Veinen Building Big (38,30) Capling Street Intersection (39,30) Black Cat Restaurant Building (40,30)

Map Icon Key:

  • Revive/Devive Points:

Syringeicon - Human revive point. People will help you become human here.

Burgericon - Zombie devive point. People will help you become a zombie here.

Bloodicon - Vampire contamination point. People will help you become a vampire here.

Note: It is commonly frowned upon for players to kill others at a revive point without doing the proper revive or change to that person. This is not against the rules of the game, however. It is simply considered poor form.
  • Group Locations:

Grenadeicon - Human group headquarters. There is one or more human group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

Skullicon - Zombie group headquarters. There is one or more zombie group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

Eyeicon - Vampire group headquarters. There is one or more vampire group that claims this tile as a headquarters.

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