They make your life experience more stressful, as if it isn't stressful enough trying to survive a collapsed society.

Conditions are status effects inflicted by several items, weapons, and NPCs. Each condition hinders your gameplay in a different way until a certain number of actions/moves. These conditions can be used to your advantage by using your own weapons to inflict these harmful effects to NPCs and other players in combat.

List of conditions Edit

Condition Symbol In-game description Effect Duration Cured by
Bleeding 💧 You have a chance of wasting an extra AP point to move. Losing 2 AP when moving. Until death Bandage, Bag of Blood, Medkit, Surgical Kit, Vile Serum
Blinded 👀 While you are blinded, several attempts to attack or move will fail. Unable to attack or move. 3 Actions -
Burning 🔥 While you are burning, you will take 2 HP of damage with your next 3 actions. Losing 2 HP when taking any action. 3 Actions -


While you are chilled, several attempts to move will fail. Unable to move from tile. 4 Moves -
Dazed While you are dazed, your attack success rate is reduced of 5%. Lower hit ratio. 10 Attacks Vile Serum
Death - If you are a zombie or vampire, you may stand again for a reasonable AP cost. If you wish to be human again, you must wait to be revived. You are dead. Stand up as Vampire or Zombie. N/A Standing up
(10 AP)
Infatuated While infatuated, you cannot bring yourself to harm others as much as you normally would. May decrease damage by 5. 5 Attacks -
Infected While you are infected, you will take 1 HP of damage with almost every action. Losing 1 HP when taking any action; Turns the player into a Zombie upon death. Until death Antibiotics, Bag of Blood, Medkit, Surgical Kit, Fangs on humans
Recovery - While you are recovering, you will show up as a corpse. When you are ready, Stand to once again fight against the forces of darkness. Stand up as a Human; or Vampire or Zombie if you have the required skill. N/A Standing up

(10 AP)

Stuck - While you are stuck, many attempts to move will fail. ? 8 Actions
Terrified 💀 While you are terrified, several attempts to attack will fail. Unable to attack. 4 Attacks -
Weakened 💔 While you are weakened, you cannot heal. Unable to heal yourself. 2 Actions -

Items that inflict conditions Edit

Condition Items
Bleeding Burning Fire Axe, Butcher Knife, Fire Axe, Machete, Nailed Bat, Shadow Talons
Blinded Flashbang
Burning Burning Bat, Burning Fire Axe, Engulfing Flames, Jack O' Lantern, Molotov Cocktail
Chilled Fire Extinguisher, Freezebang, Snowball
Dazed Baseball Bat, Bowling Ball, Burning Bat, , Giant Crucifix, Dark Tentacles, Flashbang, Grenade, Grenade Launcher, Headacher, Mjolnir, Nailed Bat, Night Stick, Rock, Skullbanger, Sledgehammer, Sling, Taser. Unstable Concoction
Death All weapons
Infected Vile Serum
Infatuated Love bow
Recovery Injector and Revival Serum
Terrified Dark Tentacles, Headacher, Skullbanger, Shadow Talons
Weakened Rib Spreader, Shadow Talons

NPCs that inflict conditions Edit

Condition NPC
  • Dr. Malignus
  • Famine
  • Killer Bunny
  • The Bogeyman
  • The Bogeyman
  • Rioter
  • Snowman
  • Construction Worker
  • Faceless Stranger
  • Mall Santa
  • Security Drone
  • Soldiers
  • Warcophagus
  • Everything
  • All Zombies
  • Grim Surgeon
  • Plague Host
  • Skeletal Host
  • Cherub
  • Lazarix Researcher
  • Necronids
  • Venomortis
  • Faceless Stranger
  • Famine
  • The Bogeyman
  • Famine

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