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Crafting is a feature that allows players to create items through combining other items found within the game. There are currently 43 crafting recipes.

How to craft Edit

The player must be either Human or Vampire in order to craft. More intricate recipes require Craftsmanship as a Human in order to be available. Crafting is located in the top navigation banner, between "My Skills" and "My Profile". The page lists the player's level, remaining AP, and any available items to craft. The materials needed and the cost of AP are listed next to each item. Some recipes require a specified place before it is available. Once crafted, it will immediately appear in your inventory. You cannot craft an item if you do not have sufficient inventory space.

Recipes Edit


  • Items that are underlined are not consumed upon crafting.

Weapons Edit

Item Inputs Crafting Location AP Cost Damage To Hit (Max) Type
Broken Bottle Beer Anywhere 1 1-4 13% (43%) Bladed
Burning Fire Axe Fire Axe, Gas Can, Lighter Anywhere 1 3-5
20% (50%)
Burning Bat Baseball Bat, Gas Can, Lighter Anywhere 2 2-3
30% (60%) Blunt
Mjolnir Car Battery, a Length of Chain,  Sledgehammer Comic Shop 4 6-8
10% (40%)
Nailed Bat Baseball Bat, Box of Nails, Hammer Anywhere 2 2-3
30% (60%)
Skullbanger Baseball Bat, Length of Chain, 4 Skulls Anywhere 4 2-3
Dazed, Terrified
30% (60%)
Sawed Off Shotgun Saw, Shotgun Gun Shop 2 8-12 25% (55%) Firearm
(Small Arm)
Freezebang Fire Extinguisher, Grenade Anywhere 2 6-10
32% (max) Throwing
Headacher Skull, Grenade Anywhere 2 10-15
32% (max)
Jack O' Lantern Butcher Knife, Lighter, Pumpkin Anywhere 2 4-8
15% (45%)?
Trashbang Trash, 4 Slime, Grenade Anywhere 4 6-8 32% (max)
Sticky Bomb 3 Sticky Biles, Grenade


3 0-4 (Stuck) - Traps
Explosive Package 1 Grenade, 1 Package Anywhere 3 5-10 (Dazed) -
Suppressed Pistol Pistol, Pair of Pliers, 2 Rags, Length of Pipe Gun Shops 4 4-7 30%


Small Firearm

(Will not alert surroundings when fired)

Molotov Cocktail 1 Beer, 1 Lighter, 1 Rags Anywhere 4 5-10 Burning 72%(max) 2 Molotov Cocktails
Molotov Cocktail 1 Beer,1 Lighter, 1 Rags Anywhere 3 5-10 Burning 72%(max) 1 Molotov Cocktail

Healing Items Edit

Item Inputs Crafting Location AP Cost Health Restored (Max*)
Surgical Kit Medkit, Antibiotics, Bandages Hospital 2 10-13 (15-18)
Bandages 2 Rags Anywhere 2 1-2 (6-7)
Pumpkin Pie Butcher Knife, Pumpkin Bakery 2 3-4
4 Revival Serum Bag of Blood, Vile Serum Lazarix Building 4 Restores Humanity to corpses
Vile Serum 1 Revival Serum, 2 Sticky Bile Hospital 1 10-15 (15-20) Infection

* Medical Items recover an additional 5 HP with the First Aid skill.

Fences Edit

Item Inputs Crafting Location AP Cost Strength
Barbed Wire Fence 2 Barbed Wire, Chain Link Fence, Pair of Pliers Anywhere 4 Damage: 2-4 per hit, 5 HP
Electric Fence Car Battery, Chain Link Fence Anywhere 6 Damage: 6-10 per hit, 5 HP
Wooden Fence Box of Nails, Hammer, 4 Wooden Boards Anywhere 4 10 HP
Chain Link Fence 4 Scrap Metal, Pair of Pliers Anywhere 4  ?? hits

Containers Edit

Item Inputs Crafting Location AP Cost Slots
Hollow Pumpkin Backpack, Butcher Knife, Pumpkin Anywhere 4 10

Clothing Edit

Item Inputs Crafting Location AP Cost
Death Helmet Box of Nails, Hammer, ??? Anywhere 4
Rat Helmet Dead Rat?, ???  ?  ?
Scrap Armor 5 Scrap Metal, Pair of Pliers Anywhere 4
Riot Armor 3 Scrap Armor, Pair of Pliers, Police Badge Anywhere 4
Military Armor Pair of Pliers , 3 Riot Armors, Medal Anywhere 4 Editor's note: This was hard to make! Better off just looting the damn thing
Engulfing Flames 2 AP, a Gas Can, a Lighter, 8 Rags Anywhere ? Outer layer clothes

Materials/Junk Edit

Item Inputs Crafting Location AP Cost
Broken Glass Broken Bottle Anywhere 1
Glasses Anywhere 1
2 Broken Glasses Tea Set Anywhere 1
Wooden Board  ?  ?  ?
8 Chunks of Scrap Metal Pair of Pliers, Generator Anywhere 4

Unknown Edit

Item Input Crafting Location AP Cost
Concrete Wall ? 4 Packs of Cement ?
Packs of Cement ? ? ?

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