Everything you need to know about creating a base to protect you from the undead can be found here. It should be noted that this will not protect you from TKers though, as they can use rooftop run and by-pass all these defenses. To create a base you will need fencing and barricades. Your base should be fenced in completely(4x4) and be at Extremely Heavily Barricaded.

Skills Needed Edit

Although you don't need any skills to put up a fence, there are required skills for barricading the building. if you intend to build a base you will need carpentry. It is a good idea to get rooftop run that way you aren't spending 10AP to climb out of your building(if your building is fully caded), instead you can go to the next building and use 1 AP to leave.

Carpentry - Allows you to put up or reinforce a barricade

Rooftop Run - By crossing rooftops, you can find safe entrances into adjoining buildings without stepping onto the ground below.

Items Needed Edit

To make a base you will need lots of fences. There are different types of fences, but any fence is always better than none. However, you will have better luck with keeping the undead away with fences that do damage such as Electrical(Damages 8 per hit) or Barbed(Damages 4 per hit). The more damage the fences does, the greater chance it has of keeping the undead away, as it will annoy them.

  • Electrical Fencing - takes one Car Battery and a Chain Link Fence to craft

Although this does require a crafting skill, it also is the most effective as it does 8 damage per hit. A Chain Link Fence can be found at either parking lots or outside Junk yards

  • Barbed Wire Fencing

Not as annoying to the undead as Electrical, but it doesn't require the crafting skill and still does damage 4 per hit to them. Can be found outside Junk yards

  • Wooden Fence

Though they don't do any damage they can have 10 hits life, so a wooden fence is still better than no fence.They are found inside junkyards

  • Concrete Wall

We currently don't know where to find cement, but if you are able to make a concrete wall it would be far better than a wooden fence.

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