Type: Multi-structure
Found in: East Underlook;
Sobersville, Lesterton;
Tiles: 9

Forts are heavily fortified locations that contain a great deal of military arsenal and artillery.

In-game description Edit


  • This section of the building seems dark.
  • This section of the building is lit.


  • The lights are out.
  • The lights are on.

Inside (Gatehouse):

  • A cluster of closed circuit televisions hiss with static.

Items found by searching Edit

Item Division
Armory Barracks Exercise Yard Gatehouse Infirmary Mess Hall Storehouse Training Ground Vehicle Depot
Weapons Assault Rifle, Shotgun Fire Extinguisher Baseball Bat, Hockey Stick Butcher Knife Box Cutter, Length of Pipe Fire Extinguisher Crowbar, Wrench
Ammunition Rifle Clip, Box of Shotgun Shells Box of Nails Gas Can
Healing items Beer Antibiotics, Bandages, Medkit Beer, Can of Soda, Canned Vegetables
Utilities GPS Unit, Walkie-Takie Cellphone, GPS Unit, Wristwatch, Fire Extinguisher Book Flare Fire Extinguisher Gas Can, Spraypaint Can
Clothes Fatigues Beret, Sunglasses, Dog Tags, Medal, Fingerless Gloves, Wristwatch Apron Gas Mask, Night Vision Goggles, Ghillie Suit, Army Helmet Mechanic Jumpsuit, Safety Vest
Materials & Junk Box of Nails

Structure Edit

Fort sections

Different divisions of the fort

Forts are split up into nine different divisions:

  • Storehouse
  • Infirmary
  • Vehicle Depot
  • Barracks
  • Armory
  • Training Ground
  • Mess Hall
  • Gatehouse
  • Exercise Yard

Each division holds different items when searched. Every division except the armory can be walked on outside. The wall around the fort perimeter do not obstruct the player.

Players must enter through the gatehouse if they wish to go inside the fort. To go back out, the player must go out through the gatehouse again, although by clicking an adjacent location to the fort the player can exit any part of the building. Only the gatehouse can be barricaded by players.

If players or NPCs are outside the gatehouse, players inside the gatehouse will be notified with a message that reads, "A lofty security monitor hazily displays some beings outside".

List of forts Edit

In Serling:

  • Fort Bollings (515,496), (515,497), (515,498), (516,496), (516,497), (516,498), (517,496), (517,497), (517,498)

In Twilight City:

  • Fort Howard (7,4), (7,5), (7,6), (8,4), (8,5), (8,6), (9,4), (9,5), (9,6)
  • Fort Longden (23,36), (23,37), (23,38), (24,36), (24,37), (24,38), (25,36), (25,37), (25,38)

In Denton:

  • Fort Sharpe (17,15), (17,16), (17,17), (18,15), (18,16), (18,17), (19,15), (19,16), (19,17)

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