There are only 6 gun stores so far in Twilight City: Rupert's Gun Shop in Sobersville (10,10), Dougy's Gun Shop in Boltside (1,17), Eisenstein's Gun Shop in Winterville (25,11), Tyler's Gun Shop in Cider Hills (7,27), Cherry's Gun Shop in Capricorn Village (40,20), and Duane D's Gun Shop in Capricorn Village (32,29).

Gun shops are a good place to stock up on, you guessed it, guns! Below is a list of items found in gun shops and the percentage chance of finding them (percentage based on 100 searches):


Item Damage To Hit/(Max) Max Stack Amt of Ammo Held  % to find
Assault Rifle 4-10 20%(50%) 1 15 10%
Pistol 4-7 30%(60%) 1 6 12%
Shotgun 8-12 20%(50%) 1 4 15%


Item Used In Max Stack  % to find
Box of Shotgun Shells Shotgun 4 7%
Pistol Clip Pistol 5 9%
Rifle Clip Assault Rifle 6 7%


Item Use Max Stack  % to find
Fatigues None 1 3%


Item Use Max Stack  % to find
Taser None 1 6%

More trials are needed

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