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lol monkeys

Humorous LocationsEdit

Several locations in Twilight City and Gravesend carry silly, strange, or outright demented monikers.

Horrible PunsEdit

Sick HumorEdit

  • Lynchey's Hardware (10,26)

Perverted HumorEdit

  • The Bang Bang Club (2,15)
  • Streaker Lane (28,20)
  • First Base Sporting Goods (19,29)


  • The Jumper Building (21,33)

Pop CultureEdit

  • The Krueger Building (29,7)
  • Romero Library (21,7)
  • Thriller Lane (21,9)

Otherwise HumorousEdit

  • The Crabapple Building (10,23)
  • Dumname Hotel
  • The Lackluster Building (15,23)
  • McCain Bar (39,6)
  • Monkey Boulevard (18,6)
  • The Monkey Building (25,8)


  • Peanney Bank (12,3)
  • Whitey's Restaurant (19,17)
  • J.W. Gasey Middle School (17, 16)

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