Infecting and Recovering is a major component in the gameplay of Hell Rising. Once a player dies, given the circumstances or cause of death, the player would be risen as a certain race: Human, Zombie, or Vampire.

Zombie InfectionEdit

Lasts until death or an eventual cure. It turns Vampires and Humans into Zombies if they die from it.

Caused by:

  • Zombies bite with Biohazard
  • Infectious Spew from a Zombie
  • Attacking a Zombie with Infectious Splatter
  • Attacked by a Plague Host
  • Attacked by a Grim Surgeon
  • Using a Vile Serum

Cured by:

  • Medkit
  • Antibiotics


  • Player loses 1 HP from the following actions:
  • Player transform into a Zombie upon death

Vampiric InfectionEdit

Not to be confused with Vampiric Infection (Skill)

The infection is directly given when a vampire kills someone. It turns Zombies and Humans into Vampires.

Caused by:

  • A Vampire with Vampiric Infection killing a player with a bite


  • The player can wake up as a Vampire


Inject a Revival Serum with an Injector to a corpse. Corpses become Human upon standing up again. Corpses with Cellular Degeneration or Cursed Blood may choose to do so or not.