This page contains features that are no longer in Hell Rising.
These features were in past versions of the game and has since been removed.

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Past HistoryEdit

The Black Cat restaurant is housed in an old building that once served as a union hall for the Industrial Workers of the World, on the border of the city in Capricorn Village. When that anti-capitalist union was suppressed, the building was left abandoned until, sensing the working class frustrations of the 1930s, Haywood Jones decided to open up a diner. Jones left the old Wobbly posters up, including a storefront mural of a black cat in the IWW style. At first, he simply called it the Stanwyck Restaurant, but as workers, radicals and the unemployed became the main clientele, everyone spoke of the Black Cat. Finally, Jones relented and changed the name.

The Black Cat became a focal point for East Side class warriors. It was frequently a place for meetings and benefits, and a popular place to hide out after militant labor actions. When the 1960s rolled in, there were an increasing number of bohemians, beatnicks, and students who began to move into the Black Cat, but the unionists maintained a foothold. It became a hot spot for those organizing against the proposed Twilight Stadium, and as the struggle over the Pleb Building took hold, the Black Cat saw another boom in clientele. More than that, though, Jones' granddaughter decided to take inspiration from the Pleb Building and shift the family restaurant into a workers co-op. The process had not yet been completed by the time Twilight City had gone to Hell.

Recent EventsEdit

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