The Brobdag Building Building (6,7)

The Location:Brobdag Building InformationEdit

The Brobdag Building is a building located at the north most of West Underlook. Due to its location, it is likely a frequented jumper building in Serling and is also used by corpse-campers to watch for sewer activity before standing up. Also, due to the building's close proximity to Simcox Street, it makes an excellent location to save up AP before going on a sewer adventure.

  • Descriptions: Closed circuit security cameras hang motionless overhead.

Items found by searching Edit


  • None


Item Outside Inside
Weapons None
  • None
  • None
  • MANTIS ID Badge
  • MANTIS T-Shirt
  • MANTIS Cap
Materials & Junk
  • None

Past HistoryEdit

Recent EventsEdit

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The Brobdag Building has been a stronghold of MANTIS operations in the West Underlook for years. They keep the sewer access point from being used by the the Zomglomeration.

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