Map of Moldertown, courtesy of Týr


Moldertown, neighborhood in Serling (click for the map)


The neighborhood includes one four-tiled building.

Two or more tiled buildingsEdit

  • 1 Waste Treatment Plant
    • Bruback Waste Treatment Plant (491,507; 492,507; 491,508; 492,508)

Important or useful buildings for supplies or basesEdit

  • 1 Electronic Store
    • Rubanner Electronics (496,502)
  • 3 Hardware Stores
    • Gilcrest Hardware (490,509)
  • 1 Lazarix Building (494,506)
  • 1 Police Department
    • Creskey Police Department (498,501)
  • 3 Gas Stations
    • Poole's Gas Station (499,500)
    • Rusty's Gas Station (498,506)
    • Squeeze 'N Go Gas Station (496,507)
  • 2 Gun Shops
    • Hard Shot Gun Shop (495,506)
    • Wiley's Gun Shop (491,510)

Tall BuildingsEdit

This neighborhood also has 4 tall buildings which allow for jumping/suicide, and can be used as revive points for players who want to switch race, as it only requires 1 AP to jump, versus the amount AP it could cost for several attempts to kill (and revive, in the case of humans).

  • Ellington Hotel (495,501)
  • The Munchee Building (497,501)
  • The Storch Building (499,504)
  • The Mump Building (497,506)

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