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Other monsters found throughout the city, sometimes only found on certain days of the week or month.

Hit Modifiers below do not include darkness penalty (-5%).

Faceless Stranger Edit

Creature Statistics: Faceless Stranger
Description: This tall, slender figure wears dark clothing that accentuates its pale and featureless skin.
HP: 50
Physical Resistance: 0
Hit Modifier -5%
Base Damage: 3-11. tentacles (5-9)
Effects: tentacles (Dazed)
Items Dropped: Dark Tentacles, Digital Camera, Psychotic Note
Location: Around a Pond (Serling).
Other Information: Creature. One of kind. Found only around midnight. Spawn around a Pond.

Masked Psycho Edit

Creature Statistics: Masked Psycho
Description: This hulking abomination has covered its disgusting, wretched face with a disgusting, wretched mask.
HP: 40
Physical Resistance: 2
Hit Modifier 0
Base Damage: machete (5-11)
Effects: being attack by melee attacks (Infection)
Items Dropped: Machete, Hockey Mask, Goalie Mask
Location: Random spawn (Surface)
Other Information: Zombie. Hostile to all. Spawns every 13th of the month... regardless of whether or not it's Friday.

Necronid Edit

Creature Statistics: Necronid
Description: This roughly human-shaped mess of body parts more resembles an oversized spider than a person. Its bloated abdomen is bursting with sticky, acrid bile.
HP: 35
Physical Resistance: 2
Hit Modifier -1%
Base Damage: mandibles (3-7). bile web (2-4)
Effects: mandibles (Infection). bile web (Stuck)
Items Dropped: Sticky Bile (1-2), 1-4 Spider Webs
Location: Random spawn
Other Information: Spawns on Saturday

Serling Salmon Edit

Creature Statistics: Serling Salmon
Description: This poor zombified soul seems to be imprisoned in a blood-and-slime-marred cartoonish fish costume. The gibbering, groaning wearer has clearly been broken... along with the zipper.
HP: 20
Physical Resistance: 2
Hit Modifier -4%
Base Damage: cloth flippers (4-6), cold water (2-5)
Effects: cold water (Chilled), Infection by being attacked by melee attacks.
Items Dropped: Sports Mascot Costume, T-Shirt Cannon
Location: Serling Stadium
Other Information: Zombie. They spawn at Serling Stadium Field on Sunday. Ex. for infection, You bludgeon the Serling Salmon with your Mjolnir for 10 damage to the head, inflicting Dazed, creating a spray of infectious gore.

Venomortis Edit

Creature Statistics: Venomortis
Description: A large, unwieldy pile of interconnected cadaver pieces forming the general shape of a tremendous tarantula. It seems to have a few extra limbs on one side.
HP: 80
Physical Resistance: 2
Hit Modifier 0
Base Damage: mandibles (5-12). bile web (3-8)
Effects: bile web (Stuck)
Items Dropped: 4 Spider Webs, Rotten Mandible
Location: Random spawn
Other Information: Creature. Spawns on Saturdays. When it dies, it will spawn 4 necrontids with message "The Venomortis' abdomen shudders, then bursts open as a brood of Necronids spills out!"