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Enemies found in The Sewers. Foul outcasts exiled from the chaos above.

There is no light in the Sewers. (-5% accuracy) (Hit modifiers below do not add darkness penalty)

If players' profile page is "Last seen in" instead of "Last seen in Serling", those players might be in the Sewers, Quarantined Vampires or Sub-level Z Staff.

Sewer Dweller Edit

Creature Statistics: Sewer Dweller
Description: This wily, bedraggled person seems to have lived beneath the surface for many years before the darkness came.
HP: 20
Physical Resistance: 0
Hit Modifier -15%
Base Damage: 6-12. knife (5)
Effects: None
Items Dropped: 3-4 Rotted Meat, Rags
Location: The Sewers
Other Information: Human

Sludge Fiend Edit

Creature Statistics: Sludge Fiend
Description: This grime-encrusted ghoul appears to have been lost beneath the surface since the early days of the outbreak.
HP: 25
Physical Resistance: 0
Hit Modifier -2%
Base Damage: 5-12. bloated stumps (3-8)
Effects: being attacked by melee attacks (Infection)
Items Dropped: Bloated Stumps, Slimes
Location: The Sewers
Other Information: Zombie

Zomglomeration Edit

Creature Statistics: Zomglomeration
Description: This large, amorpheous mass of sludge-joined corpses rises from the mire, periodically collapsing under its own weight.
HP: 60
Physical Resistance: 2
Hit Modifier -5%
Base Damage: entwined limbs (7-13)
Effects: Infection
Items Dropped: Patchwork Skin Suit
Location: The Sewers
Other Information: One of kind (Zombie). When being killed, "A few Sludge Fiends(4) crawl free from the Zomglomeration's deteriorating mass."

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