Type: Outdoor Area
Found in: Apple Junction, Copper Lake, Dobwood, East Underlook, Greenwood, Middlebern, Park Hills, Peston
Tiles: 1

Parks are open, sylvan locations.

In-game description Edit

  • Darkened lamp posts loom overhead throughout the area.
  • Lamp posts light the way through the area.

Items found by searching Edit

Item Outside
  • Rock
  • Shovel
  • Tree Limb
  • Flower

List of parks Edit

In Seling:

  • Blumwood Park (520,496)
  • Boregood Park (510,507)
  • Brasser Park (517,494)
  • Doglogg Park (515,508)
  • Dumford Park (520,499)
  • Gladly Park (516,516)
  • Hosk Park (511,494)
  • Key Park (497,490)
  • Kilmoore Park (500,501)
  • Kisco Park (502,497)
  • Land's Acre Park (496,518)
  • Landwater Park (526,491)
  • Little Bear Park (528,494)
  • Losser Park (502,511)
  • Norris Park (500,494), (501,493), (501,495), (502,494)
  • Ordanerry Park (511,502)
  • Othello Park (517,502)
  • Pilner Park (502,504)
  • Stickleaf Park (510,514)
  • Still Pines Park (493,512)
  • Twiggens Park (494,498)
  • Wadword Park (498,513)
  • Wettings Park (520,501)
  • Wheatey Park (524,495)

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