This is the Pledge of Truth which editors may choose to take. This is designed to make the wiki a more friendly place and to let people know what other people truly think of them.

The PledgeEdit

The Pledge of Truth
On my honour as an editor I pledge that I shall work towards making a better wiki.

I shall achieve this by the guidelines outlined by the Pledge of Truth.

If I fail one of these I will strive to be an ever so better editor and to improve this wiki.

The Pledges guidelinesEdit

  1. Behave as you wish to be treated.
  2. Assume good faith unless there is an obvious act of bad faith.
  3. Listen to those who have something to say.
  4. Be honest with your fellow editors, it is ok to have a different opinion as long as you state it in a way which is not designed to offend.
  5. Let each and every voice have an equal weight, let each voice have the same weight as your own.
  6. When in doubt ask first, there is no shame in admitting that you don't know something.
  7. Forever strive to gather knowledge about everything and anything and use it to benefit people.
  8. It is alright to be wrong as long as you learn from the experience.
  9. Help those in need of it.

If followed to the core then the wiki will become and stay a better place where people are willing to learn and contribute to it in a meaningful way.

People who have taken the PledgeEdit

When you sign please sign with a # followed by [[User:Your Username Here|Your Username Here]] and add your name to the end of the list

  1. Xolah

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