'Welcome to Serling Riot Division' 

We are the last remaining localised police force in serling currently.

We are under current government control and have unlimited possibilities.

If forced or threaten we will pick up the hammer and not put it down but throw it 

at you.

Riot Police Equipment 

Riot Police use all sorts of gear to handle any situation

  1. Police Uniform 
  2. Riot Helmet 
  3. Police Badge
  4. Baton
  5. Pistol 
  6. Tazer

​Riot Police Locations

  1. All police stations 
  2. Stadium 
  3. Island


  1. Minnesota-460f 799578c(1)

    Serling Riot Police have been through many situations like the stadium riot of 2008

    Send all civilians to stadium or military fort
  2. Keep yourself alive
  3. Report to secret operations base when called
  4. Most important of all is to kill all Vectors and Zulu's (Vampires and Zombies)

Good luck officer!

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