Light Edit

  • Where there is no light, there is darkness. Darkness gives -5% accuracy for all attacks attacking movable beings. Darkness also gives hiding bonus making it more difficult to detect. Night vision (vampire's skill) ignores darkness bonus.
  • In The Sewers, Sub-Level Z and Quarantine Zone, there is no electricity thus there is no light.
  • Inside buildings, there is darkness. Players need to lit the lights by using generators or Power plant with breaker ON to eradicate darkness.
  • There is no Sun in Hellrising. The sky is dark. Serling's outdoor areas are dark in general. Players can lit the lights automatically by using Power plant giving power for lights controlling each zone by using control panel in Power plant.
  • Darkness reduces search rate by 10% in general.

Here are some examples how light & Sharpen Senses (vampire's skill) affects searching hiding players:

  • Light on, night vision, Sharpen Senses: 1 search roughly to detect.
  • Light on, no night vision, Sharpen Senses: 3 searches roughly to detect. (No sharpen case will be 5.725)
  • Light off, no night vision, Sharpen Senses: 13 searches roughly to detect.
  • Light off, no night vision, no Sharpen Senses: keep trying, if you are not zombie, you can detect hiding players.

Generator & light

  • Players can setup generator (searched from Hardware Store) and fill it with gas can which can be used to provide light for a period of time. Every tick, 5 minutes (6:30, 6:35, 6:40,...), fuel's level is decreased by one.
  • Gas can can be easily found outside Gas Station.
  • Each gas can add 60 to fuel's level (5 hours).
Generator capacity Message (Generator OFF/Generator ON) Fuel's level
0/4 It is Empty. 0
1/4 Barely any fuel / It is running low on fuel 1-60
2/4 Half tank / It is running on half a tank. 61-120
3/4 Nearly full tank / It is running on a nearly full tank. 121-180
4/4 Full tank / It is running on Full tank. 181-240

Hiding Edit

General Edit

  • If players do not Log Out and found hiding players through searching, as long as hiding player happen to be in that tile, hiding players will always be found in that zone without searching even if they try to hide or anything.
    • Unlike in normal cases, you can hide with bugged searched hiding players.
  • If you go hiding but there are other playing players hiding before you in the same zones, as long as they do not Log Out and you happen to be in those zones, they can always detect you without using search command.
    • Unlike in normal cases, you can hide with bugged searched hiding players.
  • Hiding will fail if there is at least one player in the same zone. If you can not see those players, bug or not, there are at least one online player near you! There will be a message "You feel as if someone is watching and give up trying to hide." The online players may lay dead but they can prevent you from hiding! Only human players can tell if corpses are human or zombie/vampire by holding an injector in inventory.
  • Try not to hide in hospitals, gun shops, police departments or Lazarix buildings since these buildings provide important supplies for Human and are searched many times.
  • Using search command & Sense Presences when you are hiding does not make you un-hide yourself.

Play dead (Zombie's skill) Edit

  • Zombie can play dead everywhere. Since zombies can hide everywhere, it is suggested that players should not play dead where there is a building since vampires can use Sense Presences and accidentally detect you. You may consider using play dead outside buildings, hopefully, there should not be many vampire players use their Sense Presences from inside buildings as well.
  • Play dead zombies appear as corpses as same as recovering corpses which can be dumped, fed or used to defile the sprayed messages. (Play dead corpse can not be revived)
  • Play dead can not fail unless other revealing players are standing near you watching you suspiciously.

Hang (Vampire's skill) Edit

  • Hanging can fail. Vampire must hide inside buildings.
  • You will lose 2 blood thirst kills per hang command.
  • Humans can find hanging vampires with light on in 1 search.

Hide (Human) Edit

  • Hiding can fail.
  • A chance to be found might be the same as Hanging.
  • Humans can found hiding humans with light on if searchings are conducted more than a few time or lesser if you are lucky.

Detection Edit

  • If you die, detection is disabled.
  • If buildings are barricaded, there is a high chance that there are players hiding inside building because NPC can destroy barricades and Construction Workers can build lightly barricades which mean buildings that are not cover with no barricade or lightly barricades have a great chance that there are players hiding inside.
  • If you are close to barricades or fences, when someone interact with them you can detect doers.
  • If players who make noise stay inside buildings, Unlike Smell Rot or Track Prey, noise range will be reduced by one. Whether listeners are inside or outside do not matter.
  • If players successfully hit an NPC, NPC will always counter attack and may cause a noise. Other NPC of same race may help it attacking players.
  • Every ticks in game npc may attack players in the same zone.
  • Killing other beings in the same area will be detected.
  • High level vampires usually have Raze (Vampire's skill) which makes buildings a total disaster easily which means buildings that are not usable have a high chance that vampire players may be inside or may be around this area. Bloaters can also destroy inner buildings but it is not very often for NPCs to destroy fences, barricades or inner buildings except for the fort where there are always 10 NPCs (3 soldiers of each races and 1 warchophagus) patrolling whole time increasing a chance to destroy barricades and fences.

Search Filter Edit

  • Do Not Filter - Searching for everything
  • Weapons & Ammunition Only - Searching for Weapons & Ammunition and hiding players.
  • Healing Items Only - Searching for Healing items and hiding players.
  • Just No Clothes - Searching for Non-clothes items and hiding players.
  • Victims Only - Searching for hiding players
  • Ammunition Only - Searching for Ammunition and hiding players.

Search Command Edit

  • Vampires with Sharpen Senses have a higher chance when searching preys.
  • Night vision ignores darkness penalty.
  • Only Sharpen Senses and darkness penalty affect searching for players.
  • Darkness greatly increases the number of searches to find players to the point that it is not worth mentioning.
  • If you found someone and attack them successfully, they will be force to stop hiding.
Race Hide Play dead Hang Average number of searches to find one (lights are on or night vision)
Human Detectable Detectable Detectable 6
Zombie need Identify life (skill) Undetectable Undetectable 6
Vampire Detectable Detectable Detectable 6, 2 (Sharpen Senses)

Skill's detectings Edit

Action Note
Moan (Zombie's skill) a zombie can use moan for 1 ap to create a noise telling its location to everyone in 4x4 radius.
Identify life (passive) (Zombie's skill) Allowing you to detect Human when you play as a zombie when using search command while normal zombies can not detect hiding players
Silent Whisper (Vampire's skill) All vampires in 2x2 radius can hear the message. Whisper costs 1 ap.
Supernatural Senses (Vampire's skill) Using Sense Presences (1 AP) where there is a building
  • If you use outside buildings, it will check how beings are inside non-multi buildings in your current tile on barricade's level 14 or lower (For more information: Barricading). Buildings on extremely heavily barricade do not have an option to use Sense Presences.
  • If you use inside buildings, this skill will check how many beings are outside building.
  • Report will be in format of "You sense the presence of [A+B+C+D] beings outside. [A] of them seem pleasantly familiar. [B] of them seem unpleasantly familiar. [C] of them seem less intelligent than most."
    • [A] are the number of players in your friends list or your group or members of allies of your group.
    • [B] are the number of players in your enemies list or members of enemies of your group.
    • [C] are the number of NPCs.
    • [D] are the number of players who are not in your friends list, enemies list, your group, members of allies of your group and members of enemies of your group. Basically, strangers.
Smell Rot (Zombie's skill) let a zombie detect all zombies who are not hiding or dead in 4x4 radius of users all time. If the weather is not clear, detection ranges and results may be different. For more information: weather
  • If NPC are in range, it will be in the format of "You smell especially heinous undead funk"
  • If zombie players are in range, it will be in the format of "You smell heinous undead funk"
Track Prey (Vampire's skill)
  • If and only if your vampire is attacked or attacked other beings successfully, as long as you or other beings do not die, excluding in case you suicide, or leave 4x4 radius of your vampire, you can detect where they are. If the weather is not clear, detection ranges and results may be different. For more information: weather
  • Fire Extinguisher does not activate Track Prey.
Discerning Palette (Vampire's skill) When using Sense Presences (1 AP), you can tell if beings inside buildings are in your friend list, enemy list, your group, members of allies of your group or members of enemies of your group.

Gunfire & Explosions Edit

Type of attack Radius Detection Note
Grenade, Freezebang,Headacher, Trashbang 5x5 Explosion echo Soldiers at fort can use grenade causing Explosion echo when they fight with players. Sometimes, soldiers at fort use grenades and miss resulting in Explosion echo.
Assault rifle (Players) 3x3 Assault rifle Good for everything except for machines
Assault rifle (NPC) 2x2 Assault rifle Mantis Security Grunt's attack, Warcophagus' attack
Explosives None None Mantis Drone's attack
Flashbang None None
Generator exploded 5x5 Explosion echo WELCOME TO "HELL" RISING!
Shotgun 3x3 Shotgun Good for everything
Sawn off Shotgun 3x3 Shotgun An upgraded version of Shotgun
Massive foot 2x2 Massive metal thud echo Warcophagus' attack
Molotov Cocktail None None
Mounted gun (NPC) 4x4 roaring truck echo Mantis Armored Vehicle's attack
Mounted gun (NPC) 4x4 helicopter echo Mantis Helicopter's attack
Self-destruction 4x4 large explosion echo Warcophagus' self-destruction area attack
Boils, Bloater's Moan 2x2 very gross bursting echo Bloater's attack, Bloater's Moan
Exploding gut 2x2 bursting gore echo Bloater's self-destruction attack
Pistol (Player) 2x2 Pistol No one really wants to use pistol, right?
Pistol (NPC) None None Mantis Security Scout's attack
Suppressed Pistol None None Rags are rare

Flares Edit

Type of flare Radius Detection Note
New Year's fireworks 5x5 + a colorful New Year's firework exploding 8x8 ?
Flare 8x8 flare rising quickly Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and orange

Power tool: Edit

Type of attack Radius Detection Note
Chainsaw 1x1 grinding chainsaw echo
Nailgun 1x1 nailgun being used echo

Traps Edit

  • If a trap activates and goes dud, it does no damage and no sound (not 0 damage).
Type of attack Radius Detection Note
Sticky Bomb 2x2+ (4x4?) Explosion echo An expensive trap. (3 sticky bile from necrotids & 1 grenade from soldiers at Forts)
Bear Trap None None Rare search items from Outside Camp Cabin.
Explosive Package 4x4 Explosion echo An expensive trap. (1 Package from Post Office & 1 grenade from soldiers at Forts)


Type of attack Radius Detection Note
Scream 4x4 Anguished scream
  • 1 AP to use
  • Condition: Be human, have 1 ap left, 1-4 HP
  • Description: Let out an anguished scream. Maybe someone will come to help ... maybe someone will come to finish you off. You never know
  • Scream can only be heard by other human players
  • easiest ways to scream are being infected and using cigarettes.

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