This page contains features that are no longer in Hell Rising.
These features were in past versions of the game and has since been removed.

This is the map for Twilight City, the old location of Hell Rising.


House Handgun Flamingoicon

Gillywood Heights Starkington Mullview

Handgun Flamingoicon



Dove Hills Winterville




Cider Hills


Sulley Junction


Graystown Capricorn Village

Handgun Sportsicon Handgun

Campbell Beach Romansville Lesterton



Handgun Flamingoicon

There is also a Total Map of Twilight City's quarantined neighborhoods.

  • Warning: this is a huge page that may take some time to load if you don't have broadband.

There is also a Sewer Map of Twilight City's sewer system. On this map, (E) denotes a manhole that can be used to enter or exit the sewer.

When adding new suburbs, City_Map/Empty_Neighborhood can prove useful.

Main Map Icon Key:

  • Most Notable Locations:

House - There is a Fort in this neighborhood.

Handgun - There is a Gun Shop in this neighborhood.

Flamingoicon - There is a Mall in this neighborhood.

Sportsicon - There is a Stadium in this neighborhood.

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